The creation of a boat is a true art. To achieve the perfect ending you have to look perfect, analyze perfect, decide perfect and act perfect. Our team members are mostly seaman and people who have already spent their half of life on the sea; so that is the thing which makes all of us dedicate our hearts into business and love our job.


 This department is a built of experienced crew of selected engineers and workers. Well enough to insure your boat for any harm while we are working on your boat! As it always happens with unexperienced workers that they can break something else while they are working on a different job. our team is not built from ordinary engineers, mechanics or the workers but they are professionals of mechanic and all of them are well experienced about yachting business. Under any circumstance the job will be done cleanest and the fastest way with the lowest wage. As we have got our own workshop and ship chandlery it is easy for us to gather and assemble any equipment. That is one of the reason, we do not have any money or time adds and we can assure you to finish the job as it has been dealt. Engine installations, engine overhauling, complete genset and engine room works are under this department's control; and we always work with one engineer connected to the department under duty to make the second check and to prevent any mistake at the end of the day.



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