-    Depending to the customer request boat delivery can be done with the company of our delivery crew to the agreed marina for refit; so our team may have a chance to experience and realize the problems while the boat is at sea too.


-    Inspection of all work at sea and on the land. Calculating the time for the work and the time for the ordered parts delivery.


-    Detailed list for the work with a calculated budget. No surprise adds! The report includes everything that have to be done.


-    Working progress starts as soon as two sides make the contract for the job decided. No delays if it rains or it's the national holiday! We guarantee to finish our job on time!


-    Each job will be under our company's warranty. Every day, after each jobs finalization our project manager or refit manager will meet the captain or the supervisor of the boat to assure that the job is done and a report will be given to the captain and one copy of the job will be stored in our company. All the work we have done will be checked once again at the sea trial while all units are active together.


-    After the entire job is completed all the team is going to be on board for the sea trial.


-    Any mistake detected on sea trial or any extra work will be finished as soon as possible. As a company preference we always work with a 3 to 5 days in advance before the finalization. So, we will do our best to make you leave the marina with full satisfaction and confidence.



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