M / Y   AMADEUS  - 36 M

M / S   CARMINA - 37 M

M / S   ROSA - 24 M

M / S   DIVA - 24 M

M / S   MONTIGNE - 57 M

M / S   DON CHIRIS - 36 M

M / S   ZANZIBA - 46 M

M / Y   A  NADIA - 33 M

M / Y  TRIDENT-I - 36 M




                                                                                                                                                                                           Date: 05.08.2010

To whom it may concern



Dear Cenap,


First of all I would like to thank you for the excellent job you did on our 120 ft. motor yacht TRIDENT I. during our stay in Didim from 16.04.2010 until 18.05.2010.


What I have found in your company was highly professional starting from the first contact with a detailed cost estimate until the last sea trials at the end of the job. All was excellent organized because we only had a very short period to do all the work which was required from my side. Actually your recommendation to go to the D-Marin in Didim turned out as a very good one because the marina offers enough space with lots of free area around the boat to work clean and professional. Especially I would like to thank your chief engineer Hyssein. His knowledge and flexibility in his work is nearly unbelievable and I was deeply impressed how he fixed all our little and bigger problems on board.


It was as well very nice to see how your have been handling the work which has been done from local tradesmen, how you made sure they understand our needs and translated correctly my additional inputs.


To work with a professional company like "Megamarine" became for me a refreshing change from the usual need to hound companies to make ensure that the projects are completed before we are due to sail. Each project ran smoothly and was competed in a professional and timely manner and in a very high standard.


All in all I would like to thank you and your team of professionals at "Megamarin" for providing a true outstanding service for TDRIDENT I. and her crew. I can defiantly recommend your company to others and we look forward to work in the near future with your company again.


Best regards











Christoph Brunner-Schwer

Captain M/Y TRIDENT I.








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