Our boat building is an art. We take the very essence of your imagination and make it into a reality. We gently craft the very living spirit of your visions and imbibe the soul of our craft into the design and presence in the process of building. We will deliver to you a true work of art, a master piece of construction, so that it will raise you above the norm and transform your vision of perfection.

As company principle we work with discipline, self confidence and with the best quality standards; to assure our customers the best quality with the lowest wage.


     Boat building is a long period of creation and to fulfill this successfully; the organization during the process have to be perfect. To achieve this perfection all the company resources are being used to prevent any mistake.


      The period of building basically follows the steps below;


-     According to the customer choice and like, we decide to the boat type and get the 3D plans and models for it.

-    After deciding the right product for the boat owner, our boat building engineers make the plans and drawings according to the either regulation of RINA, MCA, ABS.

-    The planning and construction  period starts

-    The organization list is prepared by the selected engineers

-     According to the building schedule list the class specifications and requirements appear.

-    Meanwhile all this are being done we work cooperated with the owner or the supervisor whom is authorized by the owner.

-    We make a list showing the materials we need during the construction and make a time table for purchasing.

-    According to this list we make the schedule for payment of the materials particularly

-    After two sides deal, we start the construction.

-    Our project managers meet the supervisor or the owner of the boat at certain times already scheduled. We inform you from every single step of the construction on our meetings and by our reports after each jobs finish.

-    This meetings also include the plan for the next months detailed reports

-    On our meetings we also consider the demands of the supervisor or the owner beside our routine reports, showing what we are doing currently and what our future plans for the construction.

-    Any extra demand which is not conflicting with the class requirements and the time table is also considered

-    According to the extra changes if demanded, the new worklist, material list and the work plan reaches the customer and after both sides agree we carry on the construction as it is scheduled.

-    The construction progress and the job delivery times are parallel so every system we install has the class requirements and qualifications at the exact time of the job handover by the authorized people. After class authorization process it is not possible to change the anything about it.

-    After the boat goes down to the sea; we make tests and keep working on the sea for a month with all our team who have taken part during the construction. This provides each construction department a chance of checking all system together at sea.

-    During this one month we educate the crew who will hand over the boat from us.

-    Then for a month we make the cruising tests and the class requirement checks and complete all the surveys at sea.

-   Under any circumstances except personal failures and wrong applications the entire job done by Mega Marin is under one year warranty.


Best Regards…

Mega Marin Team



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